Project Description


Two Changes Increased Placement by 27 Places in a Few Hours

One of our clients opened an additional office location, but the page for this location was stuck on page two of search engine results. We made two important changes that increased its position in organic rankings by 27 places in 15 hours.

The page was initially set up with appropriate content that was geographically targeted: “divorce lawyer” in Chevy Chase, MD. It is only a mildly competitive keyword, but it has great potential with volume estimations over 29,000. We had already interlinked the pages on the website, but the page’s rankings were not improving.


We identified and executed two changes:

  1. On the page, we removed the sitewide footer that listed all eight of the firm’s locations. That way, the location page displays only one address. The impact was that other location pages were not competing for the search in this geographic market.
  2. Off the page, we identified six diverse backlinks and added them in the same day.


Just 15 hours later, the page shot up in organic search results by 27 places and gained a 2,590% increase in traffic.

15 Hours
⇡ 27 Positions