Conversion rate optimization, sometimes called conversion optimization or CRO, is how we increase the number of people who “convert” on a website. A conversion reaches the end goal of a blog post, webpage, or the whole site. That goal is some kind of action. It might be filling out a form, calling on the phone, or something else. CRO involves knowing what your website visitors want (and giving it to them). Below are the basics.

Improving Conversion Rates

The goal of conversion rate optimization is different from the that of pay-per-click (PPC). PPC campaigns aim to increase traffic to your site. On the other hand, CRO aims to get people to take action once they’re on the site.

Conversion optimization is an important part of a marketing plan along with search engine optimization (SEO). The benefits of CRO include:

  • Thorough understanding of your audience (customers or clients)
  • Ability to offer site visitors a better experience
  • Opportunity to increase the number of customers/clients as your business grows
  • Better return on investment (ROI) over time

To measure a conversion rate over a certain time frame, we divide the number of users who visited your site by the number of times users converted.

Opportunities for Conversion Rate Optimization

There are several places on your website that could offer opportunities for CRO. First, the homepage is a good place to start. Often the first page people see, the homepage gives users a good impression of your business. Improving navigation and offering strong calls-to-action are just two ways we can improve CRO. In addition, blog posts can be optimized to increase conversions. Blog posts are articles that offer helpful information about your services or products. Giving visitors this context can help drive them to take action. Finally, landing pages are specially-written pages — usually part of an ad campaign—that aim to drive people to take action in a specific way. With good CRO, any of these areas can convert.

Let’s Talk About Marketing

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