One of the crucial first steps in search engine optimization (SEO) is ensuring your webpages are optimized. In other words, they must make the most effective use of SEO best practices to drive traffic. On-page optimization is not the same as web design or building a website from scratch. This step refers to the work of reviewing an existing site to determine if its pages employ basic SEO principles. It also involves checking that each one supports keyword research, good navigation, internal and technical audits, and much more.

The Basics of On-page Optimization

Factors that affect a webpage’s ranking in a search engine results page (SERP) include:

  • Well-written content that provides visitors with the information they want,
  • Strong title and description meta tags,
  • Strong image alt tags,
  • A good URL,
  • Links to other valuable content, and more.

These and other factors will help search engines determine how to rank a page. On-page optimization is how we decide of a webpage is doing all of these things correctly. If it is, great! If not, we can fix any issues to make sure the page is as successful as possible.

Let’s Talk About Marketing

By conducting an audit and analysis, we can identify the technical errors holding your website back. Then, we can fix those problems and help your rankings get better.

At Envoca, we work on a loyalty basis. Clients own the work we do for them. That includes their websites, domains, and social media accounts. Even though there are no long-term contracts with us, our clients tend to stick with our services. We’re responsive, focused on opportunity, and invested in business growth.

Whether you’re just starting out or your marketing needs a refresh, we can help. We welcome you to contact Envoca today for a free site audit.