Project Description


As a long-term client of ours, this law firm saw an increase in their business’s domain authority rating over the course of working with us. We wanted to increase efforts to make the site even more authoritative in preparation to enter new geographic markets.
*Note: Domain rating is a metric used by Ahrefs that shows the strength of a target website’s backlink profile, which can impact where a site ranks in search engine results.


We designed a link building outreach through a legal scholarship. The firm offered a scholarship of $1,000. This project included outreach to (and ongoing communication with) more than 100 educational institutions and nonprofits with the goal of mentions and backlinks to the client’s website.


We obtained placements that had domain ratings higher than 50 and not only provided a backlink to the client’s website, but also helped us target .edu top-level domains (TLDs), which hold higher value than other TDLs. Example scholarship links include:

seaver.pepperdine.eduSuccessful Placement79
valenciacollege.eduSuccessful Placement71
law.laverne.eduSuccessful Placement70
ndscs.eduSuccessful Placement53
law.syr.eduSuccessful Placement85
willamette.eduSuccessful Placement74
osteopathic-medicine.uiw.eduSuccessful Placement70
lowercolumbia.eduSuccessful Placement56
usouthal.eduSuccessful Placement58
bc.eduSuccessful Placement85
uic.eduSuccessful Placement85
northeastern.eduSuccessful Placement84
daemen.eduSuccessful Placement65
cpcc.eduSuccessful Placement71
pba.eduSuccessful Placement65
southalabama.eduSuccessful Placement74