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Migrate Your FindLaw Site to WordPress

FindLaw’s attorney website services get law firms online fast. However, the disadvantages of FindLaw may still outweigh its perks. The solution? Moving your law website away from We know how.

FindLaw is an online service that simplifies law firms’ process of getting content online. At first, the return on investment might seem outstanding. For one, inclusion in the FindLaw directory brings in consistent Internet traffic. Content creators write for the firms’ desired audiences. However, the problems with FindLaw may still outweigh its advantages.

Problems with FindLaw

For some law firms, the cost of keeping a FindLaw website could reach thousands of dollars per month. The services tout a team with “industry knowledge and technical expertise.” However, it’s often unclear what FindLaw actually does to promote its sites. When you’re spending that much money for a website each month, you should know what you’re paying for. The look and feel of FindLaw websites are sometimes a let-down. Some of the company’s sites are template-based and basic. Attractive photography and other design choices – which illustrate a firm’s branding – aren’t always there. As a result, some former FindLaw customers have told us their website’s design lacked style and/or personality. Other issues firms experience with FindLaw include:
  • No access to their own data through industry-standard analytics tools
  • Inability to seamlessly integrate sites with Clio, Needles, and other client relationship management (CRM) systems
Without these tools, firms do not have the marketing reports critical to understanding their return on investment. How will they know if their marketing is successful if they can’t quantify that success? On top of these issues, contracts with FindLaw could lock in small law firms and limit their growth. But growth is one of the major purposes of having a website. There might be more potential elsewhere, not to mention more transparency in marketing services and costs.

Our Solution to Breaking Away from FindLaw with Confidence

Moving Away from FindLaw

Once a law firm realizes that it’s time to move away from FindLaw, they catch the biggest hurdle of all. FindLaw builds its websites in such a way to make it difficult for firms to transfer their websites to other providers.

That’s where we come in. The team at Envoca Design knows exactly how to switch from FindLaw. We offer law firms an easy, predictable method to move from FindLaw to a domain they own. Our unique tool maps content from FindLaw. Our team can take the whole website – including meta content, visible content, images, authorship, category information and more – and convert it into a database to import into WordPress.

After we rescue the firm’s content from FindLaw, we’ll discuss two options. We can either redesign the website or carry over the existing design but with a more flexible backing.

Full control

Full control of the website including its design, look and feel, content placement, and more


Faster growth and reach after transitioning away from FindLaw


Transparency in search engine optimization practices and promotion

Full Site Support

We offer full support & training during your website migration to WordPress

There are several benefits of transferring your website away from FindLaw

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Increased Reach
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Improved Reporting

Full control of your website, transparency for your marketing costs, Faster growth and reach, and custom design are a few of the reasons clients have worked with us to move transition their websites from Findlaw.

At Envoca, we leverage sophisticated and technical SEO practices, such as cleaner coding, faster load times, A/B-tested pages, and schema markup. Our professionals stay at the forefront the changing Google algorithms that dictates best marketing practices. Our team’s experience ensures a smooth transition of your site.

Unsure what this means for your return on investment? Give us a call to find out.

Increase Reach

Improved Reporting

At Envoca Design, we offer full content and design migration for law firms interested in moving their law website away from FindLaw.

We’ll take care of all the legwork to give clients a website they can control.

The best part is that our clients are never in the dark. We will conduct a full audit of a firm’s current marketing position and develop a clear plan for increasing visibility in the firm’s geographic market and practice areas. We’ll offer advice to make the new website and its marketing strategy the best they can be. The final decisions are up to our client.

Over 12 years working with the legal industry, Envoca has gained vast experience with converting websites from closed systems. Our previous work has run the gamut of small to large migration projects. We have successfully migrated websites with hundreds of pages of content including videos and articles, some of which have dual languages. The result? Sites that often rank stronger than FindLaw but with more flexibility and personality.



Video & Audio Support

Multimedia Support





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