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Raising awareness of strategies to enddistracted driving

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Increased Market Share
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SEO Strategy

End Distracted Driving (EndDD) is a distracted driving awareness organization founded in 2009 as a project of the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation.

Volunteer speakers present EndDD’s science-based distracted driving presentation to students at no cost to schools. The initial goals of the marketing campaign were to increase audience reach and create partnerships with companies to sponsor the initiative.

Increased Market Share

SEO Strategy

Nationwide Network of Traffic Safety Efforts

The Results We Delivered

Recommended, applied, and were approved for a Google ad grant, which gives the organization $120,000/yr in Google advertising.

Nationwide Awarness

The organization has a first-of-its-kind outreach model and needs to improve its reach to raise national awareness.

Through branding, search engine optimization, paid advertising, and social media engagement, we were able to help EndDD reach nearly 500,000 people by 2019.

The nonprofit now has more than 15 corporate sponsors, ranging from insurance carriers, power companies, civil justice firms, and more.

A website overhaul with new/improved content and search engine optimization
Paid search marketing with a $10K/month Google ad grant obtained by Envoca
Social media marketing


How We Support EndDD




We designed a credible logo for EndDD and tested several iterations to identify the most effective among the organization’s audience. The logo holds personal meaning to the nonprofit’s founders; it uses the favorite color of their daughter whose death and legacy are the motivation behind EndDD.



Paid Search Marketing


We recommended, applied, and were approved for a Google ad grant, which gives the organization $10,000 a month to use in Google advertising. The ads raise awareness about EndDD, promote the founder as a national safety speaker, and drive traffic to the website.


Web Design & Search Engine Optimization


We redesigned EndDD’s website to make it more navigable, mobile friendly, and visually appealing. Through on-page optimization, external linking, and technical strategies, we built authority for the website and moved it to page one in search results for many targeted keywords. The site was also optimized to position the founder as a credible safety speaker, which led him to speak at many businesses and traffic safety conferences around the country and to appear on The Today Show and local news. Also because of these efforts, EndDD’s website recently reached one million views.


Social Media Marketing


Our team posts daily and engages with comments, shares, and mentions. As a result, we have built an active community of followers who interact with our posts. For example, EndDD has ~76,000 Facebook likes, and our posts reach thousands of people every day. In addition, individuals and groups whose mission aligns with that of EndDD have found the organization through social media and connected to schedule talks, share their own initiatives, and engage in other ways.



Client Feedback

Envoca has worked with us for a number of years and has always met or exceeded expectations. We rely upon them for many critical functions for our business – website design, creating graphics for advertising and social media, coordinating social media campaigns, handling PPC Google Ads account, creating surveys and anything we ask. They are super!
Joel Feldman / Co-Founder of EndDD