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Client Case Study

How Envoca Search Marketing Improved Ad conversion rate 493% in a Highly Regulated Industry

The Challenge

Our client is an established law firm in the highly regulated “Your life or your money” category.

When hired, our client was experiencing underperforming paid campaigns that did not align with their goals for growth. The local service ads were not spending their available budget, and poor conversion tracking resulted in a lack of insights into the outcome of leads and return on ad spend (ROAS) from the paid channels.

Our primary goals were to improve the ROAS by increasing the number of conversions that became clients and by attracting higher-value clients. We wanted the campaigns to be scalable and serve as a template for use in additional geographic markets the firm would be entering.

The Solution

On being hired, Envoca consulted with the client to understand their business goals and ensure the ad goals were aligned with the client’s business goals. We then performed a complete campaign audit identifying issues with tracking, campaign structure, and ads that had not been transitioned into Smart Bidding strategies.

Our paid ad team developed a plan for a complete campaign restructure to align with best practices. We fixed conversion tracking issues in the campaign, which provided us with more precise insights into growth. Our team developed all new custom ad copy with unique value propositions to increase click-through rate and ad relevance. We implemented best practices to optimize ad accounts, including edits to the audience, retargeting, and building robust lists of negative keywords. We then added smart bidding, allowing the ads to optimize based on hundreds of dimensions such as time of day, type of device, audience interest, geographic area, and audience demographics.

We identified areas with a lower return on ad spend, and our team reallocated those funds to top-performing geographic regions and keywords. 

Next, our team created landing pages to improve the campaign conversion rate and quality score.

Separately, we worked with the client in optimizing their Local Services Ads (LSA) account to enhance the reach of their LSA campaign. We did this by segmenting their ads and refining their targeting strategy. Before our intervention, the client’s campaign targeted clients over 100 miles away, resulting in lower visibility and higher costs per click. By restructuring the ads and focusing on local offices in closer proximity, we aligned the campaign with Google’s preference for regional offices closer to the searcher, leading to increased visibility and relevance. As a result, the client’s ads were shown more frequently at a lower cost while also allowing us to segment the types of cases for each office location, optimizing the campaign’s performance. 

Additional insights:

Besides optimizing the paid ads, we used historic PPC data to inform a cross-channel SEO approach, which proved to be a bonus insight that provided additional value to our client.

Our team analyzed PPC data and identified high-performing keywords and audience demographic information, which informed our cross-channel organic SEO strategy. This allowed us to optimize our client’s website for the most relevant keywords and audiences, ultimately driving even more valuable traffic to their site. 


Our approach significantly improved the performance of our client’s paid ads, with measurable results achieved through a robust data analysis strategy and leveraging of best practices.

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