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Client Case Study

How Envoca Search Marketing increased site traffic by 353% for California Probate and Trust

The company

California Probate and Trust (CPT) is an established estate planning law firm in Fair Oaks, California.

CPT’s mission is to help clients with estate planning and asset protection. CPT’s legal team has represented thousands of clients and is dedicated to giving clients peace of mind in knowing that their estate plans adequately reflect their desires. CPT serves the Greater Sacramento area.

The challenge

The firm had rebranded and needed help to expand its reach to a larger audience.

When CPT first came to us, they had limited organic search visibility in an industry where the top-ranking competitors had established marketing campaigns, rich content, and robust backlink profiles. Envoca Search Marketing partnered with CPT with three goals: to create a comprehensive SEO strategy that would help the firm improve its organic search visibility; increase conversion rates; and lay the foundation for future SEO success. 

The Solution:

Envoca's 5-Step Approach

Envoca’s 5-step approach included local search marketing, pay-per-click campaign optimization, digital PR, on-page technical SEO, and targeted content development.

Envoca began with what we identified as the most significant opportunity for the firm, placement in the local search results. Local search was particularly important for CPT as the company had changed its firm name several times in recent years. We wanted to reclaim assets, links, profiles, and brand mentions to build the prominence of CPT. So, we worked on fixing the fragmentation of their marketing and creating consistency for brand, business, and professional mentions.

We continued to leverage their solid online reputation to expand their reach into the Bay Area and surrounding counties with digital PR. We optimized the firm’s Google Business Profile and created local business & professional citations to boost the site’s relevance in local search results. We also created location-specific content to target users searching for estate planning services in the Greater Sacramento & the Bay area.

Envoca then conducted in-depth competitor and keyword research. We used the information from CPT’s paid campaign, along with our own keyword research and competitor research, to create a roadmap to increase their voice percentage. Armed with this research, our content planning team created a content plan for key practice area pages, identifying high-value transactional head terms for the firm, such as “estate planning attorney near me,” as well as thousands of secondary keywords and related topics. The team organized these in clusters related to estate planning, trust creation, probate law, taxes, and wealth building.

On-page SEO

As a next step, Envoca optimized their site’s key practice area pages to improve the placement of the firm’s most valuable keywords. Our content planning team implemented best practices and expanded the page length, updated the content to be semantically relevant to a broader range of related search terms, and support keyword derivatives. Envoca continued on-page optimization by interlinking the site, addressing page performance issues, expanding related FAQ, and increasing semantic relevance. They improved the messaging, the calls to action, and the offers on the pages.

Off-page SEO

To improve domain authority, Envoca leveraged existing relationships with legal publishers to create guest blogs and share the firm’s insights. In addition, we used our process for promoting local service businesses’ location and principal staff, worked to have CPT featured on industry-specific directories and legal award sites, and used local membership and associations to promote the education and experience of the law firm and translate their professional reputation online. During our work together, we saw an increase of 1,650 new inbound links and an increase in trust flow of 11 points.

The Results

Envoca’s partnership with CPT successfully achieved our goal for traffic growth, laying the foundation for future SEO success. Notably, our approach saw a

  • 353% increase in site traffic over 12 months
  • 19% increase in organic search traffic value, reaching a search value of over $22,0000 during their contract
  • 33% increase in conversions year-over-year from January 2022 to January 2023
  • 3050% increase in organic keyword placements year-over-year from 24 to 756 keywords
  • 15-point increase to the percent of voice for our targeted keywords (3% of voice to 18% of voice)
  • decrease in the ratio of paid ads from 66.7% to 30.3% within 16 months

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