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Divorce Done Right

Divorce Done Right

In addition to informing couples about their many divorce options, Divorce Done Right offers a network of lawyers to assist clients with family law issues.

We started working with this client in 2009, when their website offered boutique-style mediation services. The firm was an early adopter of geolocation targeting after we identified an opportunity to create a strong local presence around each of its satellite offices. Combined with its suite of resources, the site’s SEO helped position it on the first page of organic search results for hundreds of targeted keywords. When the practice sold in 2012, there was a new vision of shifting the brand from a small local mediation firm to a nationwide network of divorce attorneys. We then developed a strategy to update the website and marketing plan.
The continued success of the firm’s brand can be attributed in part to its ability to expand and reposition itself when needed.

Author: Envoca Search Marketing
Client: Divorce Done Right