A lot has changed since we began creating websites 2005. If your website is not getting you the traffic and leads you want there is real action you can take, in the next hour, to both increase your visibility on search engines and turn potential clients into leads. Here are 7 things you can do right now to improve conversions on your website.

1) Place your firm’s phone number in the header of your site. Make it stand out with large fonts in a contrasting color.

2) Include your physical address & local phone number on each page of your website. This can often be quickly added to the footer of your site.

3) Add photographs of your staff, or at least your law partners, to your website—a good professional photo on the about page helps engage potential clients and build trust.

4) Optimize your Feedback Form.  Include a feedback form on each page or your site.  Test the call to action above your form.  In our experience, the text above your form has the single largest impact on your page’s conversion. On the site, PA Workers Compensation Law, we tested 3 headlines and sub-headlines with an impressive 14% stretch between the best and worst converting call to action.

5)  Encourage Action on Your Feedback Form. Tim Ash’s book on landing page optimization recommends website owners change the button on your feedback form from the standard “submit” to finish the sentence I want to… “Get a Legal Quote” or “Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer.”  We prefer larger, brightly contrasting buttons as well.

6)  Update the <title> tag and your <h1> tag on your website to include both your services and your physical location For example, consider Personal Injury Lawyers in Dallas, TX or divorce lawyer in Chicago.

7) Get links to your website. We talk in detail about the legal directories which have the best impact for law law firm. Most lawyers can come up with 10 links to their website by just emailing a few alumni or professional contacts. You can also get links to your website by posting guest blogs or writing informative articles elsewhere on the web.

I have a bonus recommendation!

If you have not done so, have a marketing professional work with you to claim your business profile on Google Maps.

These recommendations will help you quickly convert your website content into paying clients!