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Contact Information

2121 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75023

Client’s Arm

Clients A.R.M. provides customized and off-site accounts receivable, collections, billing, and customer service solutions for law firms, health care facilities, and businesses.


To better identify its client base and the services it can provide them, Clients A.R.M. needed to modernize its website and reorganize the content. In answer to their needs, we created a responsive site with a more professional appearance and embedded videos to add energy. The website has been highly successful in terms of lead generation; results from the quarter after the site redesign was an increase in website leads by 25 percent.

Because of the improved branding, the company has been able to more confidently approach new and larger clients. Potential clients have more faith in the business, as the polished impression of the site reflects a stable, thoughtful, organized, and thriving modern business.