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Google Revamped Its “Test My Site” Mobile Speed Tool

Google has recently revamped its Test My Site tool, which shows the average loading speed of a website on mobile devices. It also offers insight into fixing issues to make your website better on mobile.

The biggest change here? Google is now using a 4G connection to test the site speed instead of a 3G connection they used previously. They have also added some new features, which according to Google, will help website owners boost their site’s performance.

What is Test My Site?

Website owners can enter their domain to test their site speed and page speed on mobile. Site speed is the speed of the entire site overall. Page speed is the speed of an individual page within your site. Slow pages start to load in over 2.5 seconds. A slow mobile site can impact customer satisfaction and company revenue.

Google then generates a report with custom recommended fixes, which site owners can share with their IT and marketing teams.

New Test My Site Features

Here are the new features that have been added to the “Test My Site” tool:

  • The speed of the entire site and of individual pages
  • Whether the site/page speed is faster or slower compared to the prior month
  • Whether the site speed/page speed ranks fast, average, or slow
  • How the site speed compares to others in the industry
  • The potential impact of site speed on revenue
  • A detailed list of recommended fixes to increase speed on up to five pages on the site
  • A complete report to share with the team

When it comes to the digital world, every second counts. Research has confirmed that site speed directly affects the bottom line of a business. In other words, you want your website to load fast. Now that Google has revamped its tool and provides more meaningful insights, it’s easier than ever to understand any issues and fix them immediately. If you’re interested in improving your website speed or using Google’s resources to better market your company, feel free to call Envoca today.