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How to Reply to Client or Customer Reviews on Google

Reviews on Google

For business owners and agencies, responding to client and customer reviews on Google is even easier.

Until now, you had to open the Google My Business mobile app to reply to reviews on the platform. This restriction was troubling for some users, as many found the Google My Business app confusing. Business owners can now respond to reviews directly from their desktop. According to Kara, a Community Manager at Google My Business:

“We’re making improvements on how you can reply to reviews, and providing you with more information and tools to get feedback from customers. You can now reply to reviews directly with your business profile on Google Maps from your computer. Replying directly from Google Maps lets you manage your reviews without having to download the Google My Business app or open its homepage.”

This new feature will also be more convenient to those who have multiple listings to manage.

How to Respond to Your Business Reviews on Google

To respond to business reviews on Google, search for your business on Google Maps. When you see your listing, scroll down until you see “Reviews.” Then, click Reply next to the review you’d like to respond to.

Is Google My Business the Same as Google+?

Google My Business and Google+ are different products. Google shut down Google+. The company announced the move last October, but it finally pulled the plug in April 2019. Click here for Google’s full FAQ about the shutdown.

If you created a Google+ page for your business before the shutdown was announced, your photos and videos on Google Photos will not be deleted. However, remember to delete the Google+ Icon from your website and remove any schema markup that is linked to your Google+ identities. (Not sure? We can help.)

Is Responding to Google Reviews Worth the Time and Energy?

We know the importance of reviews and how it plays a crucial role in marketing. By allowing business owners to directly respond to client and customer feedback, Google has provided a much-needed convenience. In case you haven’t seen it already, Google offers guidelines on how to respond to reviews, especially the negative ones.

If you’re interested in better harnessing Google to improve your business’s marketing efforts, give us a call.