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What You Need to Know About Two Big Changes to Google

Google is constantly changing an improving to provide searchers with the best information possible. Two changes to Google this year may affect your business’s marketing. Here’s the rundown.

Google Discontinued Messaging via Google My Business App

The messaging feature on Google My Business app relied on Google Allo, a messaging app that Google discontinued in March 2019. The messaging feature is no longer available unless Google offers an alternative. The change may cause a major inconvenience to small business owners, as many of them relied on the messaging feature to connect with their customers. Companies with many (think hundreds) of locations will see a disruption if they were utilizing the messaging option with their chat program, which allowed them to use the same chat program with Google My Business, their website, Facebook and other platforms.

Changes to Google

It’s unlikely that Google will entirely discontinue a feature that helps customers and companies connect with each other in the most convenient way possible. So, we think there’s a chance that the company will develop alternatives to the Google My Business chat.

Google Launched a Huge Core Update in March 2019

Google launched a massive algorithm update between March 12 and 14. It was one of the biggest updates in recent years.

As per observations from other sources, the sites that were affected by the August 2018 core update soon recovered from it. It seems like Google rewarded them for adding quality content, building high-quality and Google-friendly links, and improving the user experience.

Although the March update affected many industries, “Your Money Your Life” industry had the hardest hit. These sites include those that do the following:

  • Ask for personal information, such as identification numbers, bank account numbers, driver’s license numbers, etc. (which could be used for identity theft).
  • Conduct monetary transactions.
  • Offer medical or health information.
  • Advise on major life decisions or issues.

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